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Providing services, transforming lives
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Goshen Healthcare is built on a foundation of compassion, dignity, and respect. Goshen Healthcare seeks to transform the lives of people living with mental illness by recognizing that when it comes to mental health, one size does not fit all. We focus on helping individuals find their own unique path toward treatment, recovery, and independence.

As a Core Service Agency under the Department of Behavioral Health, we provide a range of Mental Health Rehabilitation Support, Substance Use Disorders, and Community Support Services, serving residents in Communities in the District of Columbia!! Goshen Healthcare makes it easier for people with mental health illnesses and disabilities to live fuller and healthier lives with dignity and respect. Our focus is on helping our consumers attain their treatment goals and accessing community resources while managing mental health issues. We strive to meet the treatment need of our consumers by offering critical Life Skills Training and Mental Health Supportive services.

Our Mission

The mission of GOSHEN HEALTHCARE & MANAGEMENT SERVICES is to provide a person-centered treatment approach, and culturally competent, and integrative services to our consumers and families struggling with mental health illness and substance use disorders, in attaining their treatment goals in the communities where they live.

With our licensed and highly trained staff, we trust that you will be in good hands in any and all of our services listed above. To learn more about our services and programs, please contact us.